The Devon Primary SCITT offers a one-year, full-time, school-based route to qualification as a primary teacher. The SCITT consists of over 45 successful primary schools in three clusters, in North Devon, Exeter area and South Devon.

"The pastoral support and subject knowledge the course provides make it stand above any other. I feel very prepared for the challenges September will bring, I have DPSCITT to thank for that" Former Trainee

The course will prepare trainee teachers for teaching in the 5-11 age range.

The course is rigorous and carefully structured to combine:

  • regular directed school experience
  • centre-based training, including a 3 day residential
  • research based assignments
  • three dedicated teaching practices, totalling 17 weeks

Trainees spend 75% of the year in schools and 25% in centre based training. Trainee teachers who successfully complete the Course are awarded Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and either a Postgraduate Certificate in Education or a Professional Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) by the University of Plymouth.

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The Devon Primary SCITT was awarded top grades by OFSTED in January 2016. The key strengths included:

  • the trainees' and trainers' high levels of self motivation, which result in trainees making outstanding progress
  • a highly cohesive course
  • the inspirational leadership of the training programme
  • the selection of high quality trainees with excellent potential to teach
  • the consistently high completion and employment rates
  • the use of the outcomes of trainees' assessments to inform improvements in training
  • the very effective quality assurance procedures

In recognition of the quality of DPSCITT the government has provided us with a 3 year guarantee allocation of trainee numbers. We are 1 of only 10% of providers that received this.