Before the residential you will spend the first few days of the course within your home school, getting to know the staff, children and parents. This is also a chance to see how classrooms are set up and how teachers and pupils work together to build up routines and establish class expectations.

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"A key strength of the course for me was the strong support I felt from the cohort of students and the whole team at DPSCITT. This proved to be a huge support throughout the course and started right at the beginning with the 3 day residential which allowed strong supportive relationships to be built" Former Trainee.

All of the Trainees then come away for a three day residential on Dartmoor. During this induction Trainees will:

  • Gain an overview of the whole course.
  • Reflect on their first few days within school.
  • Begin to establish their own vision for teaching and learning.
  • Form relationships with the other Trainees on the course that will be encouraging and supportive in the early part of their careers.

From a former trainee "This course offers a highly supportive learning environment, both professionally and pastorally, which accommodates the varying needs and nurtures the various strengths of the trainees. The residential is the first step to us feeling like a cohort and supporting each other."

You will also begin to see the styles of learning on the course. We feel interaction, dialogue and thinking rather than lectures will enable you to be the designers and architects of learning within your schools.