Peer Review


A School Improvement Programme for Headteachers

Peer Review is DPSCITT’s successful programme of school improvement – created, tried and tested by our partnership schools across Devon.  The core support involves Heads and Senior Leaders visiting and reviewing each other’s schools using defined principles, protocols and processes.  From this each Peer Review group articulates distinctive principles that run through the core of their school improvement work to ensure long lasting, effective change.

Feedback from headteachers

“Very high quality professional discussions and personal contacts”

“Phenomenal CPD for our Senior Leadership Team”

“Great data for Governing Bodies”

“The BEST CPD we’ve had this year”


The Principles:

  • People: Improvement is about transformational change in people - their personal attitudes, skill levels and the way in which they do things collectively.
  • Inclusive: Improvement is about inclusive, dynamic change that is created with, involves and is trusted, understood and shared by all people within a school setting.
  • Leadership: Improvement is about the vision and manner in which this inclusive change is led, managed, monitored and evaluated.
  • Lasting: Sustainable improvement is attained where change is recognised to be deep, with appropriate planning time, resources and expertise embedded within a cycle of review.
  • Specific: Improvement is about agreed, specific, focused and explicit change.

Programme structure:

    • Identification - Individual schools identify their own improvement area
    • Matching - DTSP matches schools according to agreed criteria
    • Refining & Planning - Groups meet to share ideas for development planning, refine the improvement area, and define how they will support each other - with agreed dates and timelines
    • Implementation and review - School visits take place and are reviewed
    • Further Implementation – Further visits and a refining of Development Plans take place
    • Outcome - Evaluation


Peer Review groups meet throughout the year starting in October

Peer Review is free to DPSCITT member schools

Please contact Andy Ogden for further details